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Shanghai Wangyuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd.

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Who We Are?

Found in 2001, Shanghai Wangyuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise level company specializing in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process control. We provide process solutions for pressure, level, temperature, flow and indicator.

Our products and services comply with the professional standards of CE, ISO 9001, SIL, Ex, RoHS and CPA. We can provide integrated research and development services that rank us at the top of our industry. All products are thoroughly tested in-house with our vast array of calibration and special testing equipment. Our testing process is conducted in accordance with a strict quality control system.

Pressure Transmitter for oil pressure measuring

What We Do?

We have highly skilled and experienced team of professional engineers and technicians, R&D center, management center and after-sales service center. Our products include pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, vacuum pressure transmitter, absolute pressure sensor, level transmitter, ultrasonic level meter, Radar level meter, magnetic level gauge, RTD, thermocouple, temperature transmitter, electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter, V-cone flow meter, Throttle flow meter and intelligent industrial controllers and etc.

We are working with customers from various process control industries, including aviation, scientific research, coal, power, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, building materials, papermaking, wine making, tap water, oil & gas, heat, water & wastewater treatment, municipal engineering. Our products are sold all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, America, Europe and other regions. Engineering projects include power plant automatic control system, mine simulation dispatching system, power dispatching system, cement monitoring system, TV anti-theft monitoring system, DCS system, PLC system, gas transmission and distribution management network computer monitoring system, computer network system.

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Why Choose us?

Strong R & D Strength

We have professional and technical personnel make up nearly 70% of the total staff, our R & D capability is numbered in domestic industry.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing Equipment

Core manufacturing equipments are imported from abroad.

Strict Quality Control

Our testing process is conducted in accordance with a strict quality control system. All products are thoroughly tested in-house with our vast array of calibration and special testing equipment, like Fluke PPC4 (Pneumatic Pressure controller/Calibrators),72hours electrical ageing test . 

Cost-effective Services

With 20 years experienced in industrial measurements, we are able to recommend the best product for you particular application while honouring your preferences and budget. 

Short Delivery Time

It takes 20-25 working days for within 3000 units Pressure transmitters. Standard products are in stock.

OEM service is available

We can customize products according to your request.

No MOQ limits

1 piece for test purpose is acceptable, bulk orders are welcome.

Technology, production and testing

Shanghai Wangyuan Instruments of Measurement Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, has hundreds of various inspection and testing instruments and special-purpose equipment and general-purpose equipment. Quality is our culture. All products are thoroughly tested in-house with our vast array of calibration and special testing equipment before leaving our factory. Our testing process is conducted in accordance with a strict quality control system.


Annual production capacity is nearly 200,000 sets of various transmitters and intelligent instruments. We passed ISO9000 Quality System Certification, and continued to award “Contract keeping and Credit First Company” Grade AAA in Shanghai.


We have three Business Divisions (include transducer division, instrument division and system engineering division), three centers (R&D center, management center and after sale service center), we are specialized in the development, researching, production and sales for all kinds of transducers, transmitters, intelligent instruments and system integrations. With many years experience, we have 4 series products (Pressure instrument, temperature instrument, fluid instrument and intelligent instrument) and over 800 types.

Enterprise culture

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Company exhibition

Air pressure transmitter
CNG Pressure transmitters
CNG Temperature Transmitters
Gas Differential Pressure Transducer
Liquid pressure transducer
Pressure Sensor for pressure detecting
Static pressure level transmitter

Engineering case

1. Refine Differential Pressure Transmitter


2. CNG compressed natural gas Skidded Gas Pressure Transmitter

CNG compressed natural gas Skidded

3. OIL & GAS Oil Pressure Sensor


4. Superheated steam flow meter

Superheated steam


constant water supply

6. Power Plant Pressure Transmitters

Power Plant

7.  Steel plants differential Pressure transmitter

Steel plants

8. Pharmaceutical plant Sanitary pressure transmitter

Pharmaceutical plant

9. Environmental protection Temperature Transmitter

Environmental protection

Our Services

Shanghai Wangyuan is always committed to providing various services to customers from all over the world, which include supplying spare parts, maintaining equipments, training, upgrading remote monitoring, technical supports and so on. With the professional experience in application and progress control field, we can help you to significantly enhance your performance better and faster.

Select/ confirm product models

Installation and debugging 

Spare parts

Engineering and consulting

Environment services



Move and upgrade

Full responsibility of performance service

Maintenance and on-site service